ALIZA cleanser product review…

So hello world!

Its been a little while haha!

I thought id kick off my return with a quick product review. I was sent this product very kindly by the company ALIZA. I received their 3 in 1 facial cleanser. It includes 50 face cleansing paper sheets.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 18.09.50

I tried this product a few times and am still confused as to whether I love it or not… It is a great gentle cleanser but I just can’t seem to get the hand of using it! The face sheets are suppose to melt with warm water as you rub them on your face, but I either didn’t add enough water or added too much. For me the product was a little fiddly to use but when i managed to get used to it, its honestly a great cleanser.

However even though it was a little tricky to use its such a great product for so many reasons! Its free from artificial fragrances, colours, gluten and alcohol. When you using it  my face did feel hydrated and moisturised leaving it soft and clean.

ALIZA website –

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 18.10.28

Hope you all enjoyed this quick review!

Love Luce x


Sky Gardens London

So heres to another London post.

I went up to London to celebrate one of my friends 21st birthday! This included the visit to Pizza Union, Sky Gardens and then drinks and dinner in Southgate at Giraffe.


The weather in London on the day wasn’t great and was pretty much your typical British weather, dreary and wet. But we still made the most of it!

The sky garden is located in the nicknamed building – Walky talky, because it really does look like one!


Looking around the 34 storey building was amazing! It had such a ambient atmosphere! There were drinks and cakes you could purchase I shared a hot chocolate and slice of cheesecake with my sister, but I could have had one to myself it was so yummy! However the prices were a little much, but what can you expect its London?!?


Once we got to the top the views were amazing! If only the weather had been better and we could have gone outside onto the balcony of the building! But the views of the flowers and just the atmosphere was amazing, so of course I took this as a photography opportunity! And Im really happy with the way some of these came out!


The place is really nice to just walk around and the best thing is its FREE! It is best to book your visiting time as they require this especially for the busy times, but you still aren’t required to pay anything


You come up through the lift and you’re welcomed by the hostess’s who point you in the direction of the food and drink of course! You can walk around up the stairs and downstairs viewing the whole of London (pretty much). I just wish the weather had been better because honestly with these views who wouldn’t wanna go up there especially for free!

But that is pretty much it! I hope you enjoyed the photos and let me know if you’ve been there to or if you plan on going now!

Stay happy and be yourself,

Lucy x



Pizza Union – London

So having recently spent the day in London I was able to venture around and went to this amazing pizza place just outside of Kings Cross in London.

Pizza Union has such a relaxed and quirky style. There are long tables with stalls and sort of reminds me of Waga-Mama with the layout.

There were also a million neon signs like the lion below, which I just love and if you know mw you’ll know I love pretty much anything bright/neon!


Me and my sister shared a pizza as it was for lunch (But i definitely could have eaten a whole one!). They were extremely delicious! We shared the Calabria, this had a tomato sauce as the base topped with mozzarella, mascarpone, Nduja Spicy Sausage and finally rocket. The pizza was only £5.95, which was such good value for money!

There are 4 Pizza Unions:

These are all located in London and if you’re heading up there looking for a place for lunch or dinner I would definitely recommend them!


I really want to try and do more food reviews on my blog so if you guys have any places you’d recommend please let me know in the comments and who knows I may just go and  give it a go. Because lets be honest I LOVE FOOD!

Stay happy and be yourself,

Lucy x