2018 Goals And 2017 Reflections…

So we made it? 2018. And I just felt like I was getting used to 2017. Last year I did this post so I thought we could see If I actually took my own advice (probably not) and lets see how 2017 actually turned out. Then I can let you all know my new goals for 2018.

So in 2017 I set out these goals:

  1.  To be healthier and happier
  2. To work hard
  3. Be helpful and kind
  4. Get fit
  5. Take things slowly and appreciate life more

So looking back at my goals I don’t think I did too badly. I mean I haven’t been the healthiest ever but I’ve not been the unhealthiest… maybe this is gonna be a goal for 2018 instead! I worked hard and managed to get through my 1st year of Nursing at University, which I am super proud of because doing this course isn’t just mentally draining it also gets physically draining as doing 12.5 hour shifts 3 times a week almost leads you to have no social life which is why a lot of people go to University to start with, the social aspect. But I do it because I do love the job and it is so rewarding.  Being helpful and kind goes into my job as a HCA and as a Nursing student. Now the get fit part… hmmm well I mean I’ve become better at running and ran my first 8 miles by myself the other week so I am very pleased with my progress in running, but I am yet to have formed abs… I have however taken things a lot slower this year and even though 2017 still went extremely fast I have so many amazing memories of the year! Here are just a few of the most amazing things I got to do this year!

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 13.25.04

January – I joined the gym and worked really hard (for the first month…).

February – I went brunette, which I haven’t been for ages, about 3 years!!

March –  I had an amazing learning opportunity working with the community nurses who do so much!

April – I started my Youtube Channel! And also changed my hair again I wasn’t keen on the brown!

May – I started to run again!

June – I turned 19, whoop another year older!

July – I completed the end of my first year as a student Nurse!

August – I went to Venice for a wedding which was amazing!

September – I started my second year of nursing off with a bang!

October – Im super proud of all the halloween looks I created on my Youtube channel!

November – Bit of a sad one, but as this was a tough month for me getting through the month and days was an achievement in itself and Im proud to say Im still here!

December – I had the sweetest christmas with my family, my bunny made it through Christmas day but unfortunately did not make it through to the new year. RIP Ellie 29/12/17.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 13.27.29

So in order to start a fresh for the new year creating goals is a good way to be the new you.

So like last years post on my previous blog to here on WordPress, Im creating 5 goals for myself to try and achieve and maintain throughout 2018.

  1. I would love to feel more confident in my own skin and be happy with myself. I know this is similar to one of my goals last year but still It Is something I have always struggled with so would like to really try.
  2. Eat more natural and unprocessed foods. I know this one is stemming along the line of food and health much like last year, but instead of forcing myself to only eat a certain amount of calories each day eating a healthier range of foods tends to uplift my mood and so this is why it is yet another goal of mine as this should help me more with my anxiety that I have been struggling with. If I am able to control something It calms me down so the food I intake and really looking after my body and the nutrients that I put in will hopefully help with that.
  3. Improve on my running and keep going with it. With me running the Half Marathon in February I will still be running throughout till then, but I would love to continue running and perhaps even be able to complete a whole Marathon one day.
  4. Get to grips with my anxiety. This may seem a little personal but having struggled a lot lately Ive had to kick my butt into action and say enough is enough. Im fed up with being so anxious all the time and just want to be able to do things that sometimes I don’t have the confidence to do. We only get one life and I don’t want to be stuck behind just because Im too afraid or because I feel like I’m not good enough. I think by exercising and eating well I can hopefully manage this better, I would also like to try mindfulness as this has proven to help a lot of people like me too.
  5. Take every opportunity I can get. So at the age of 19 I still want to live my life to the fullest and of course sometimes I have my set backs and struggle on a normal day. So with life steaming along so fast I need to try everything I want to while I still can and live everyday like its my last. I know it may sound slightly morbid to some of you, but with the job Im in and what Im studying It really does make you feel like you need to live your life and be as happy as you can whilst you can do it! Because in life there are good moments and bad moments, whenever my time comes to go I would want to look back at my life and be happy with what I have achieved no matter what age I may be.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 13.25.53

I realise this has been a long post, but I hope that you all have had the most wonderful new year and celebrated it with a bang! Here’s to 2018!

Stay happy and be yourself,

Love Lucy x


My Running Journey…

So a few of my close friends and family may be aware that I am going to be running Brighton’s Half Marathon in February with two of my close friends and considering all things aside, Im not that great of a runner which is what I am trying to work on. I feel like my whole life I have come up with excuses like, “ah my asthma is playing up” or “no, its raining” just to get out of running. But the thing is, once I am out running I love it. It is such a stress relief for me and I really enjoy running (once I start!). I use the app Strava to record al of my runs and this helps me keep on track with my time/distance.

Ive found that If I go running or exercise on a regular basis my mental health is a lot better and I can control it more. When I run I feel a sense of achievement and Im happy about it, by having the goal of this half marathon it gives me something to work towards.

I thought I would start a mini series of how my running journey us going leading up to the half marathon. Let me know if this is something you would like to see on my blog and comment down below anything around fitness/health you would be interested in.

So to start with Im going to say how this week has been for me fitness and running wise. Ive managed to fit in 2 runs this week a 5K and a 6.5K as well as a few Blogilate’s youtube workout videos (which are amazing btw!). Ive been eating healthy on and off this week and that is something I want to work on in the next week and I can let you know how that goes.


Its difficult to fit running in and around 12.5 hour shift placements, and this week coming I think I may struggle… So if you have a

ny motivational thoughts please let me know below and help a gal out!

Also my friend Han is an amazing running and has some amazing inspiration and has a blog too, which you should totally go check it out! – Life with Han. She also has a Youtube channel too!

Love Luce x