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So its been a while since I’ve posted…

I’ve been thinking of a way to rebrand and make my blog more suited to my current lifestyle and have decided to take the route of travelling, fashion and nursing related content.

So here goes a little travel diary about one of my favourite places to visit.

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Fanø is a little island about a 5 minute ferry away from Esbjerg located in the North Sea off the coast of southern Denmark.

It has to be one of the most peaceful places I have been to so far in my life.

The beaches are sandy with clear water making it the perfect place to relax and detox from any of the crap we have in our life. One of my favourite things to do here is just walk along the beach whilst listening to a relaxed playlist (yes i know what that sounds like). But honestly it does wonders for your mental health.

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Being half Danish I am able to speak a little, however over on fanø most of the locals speak German which i seem to struggle with quite a bit! Along the coast of fanø you can (sometimes) find amber which is known to danish people as Rav. This is known as danish gold. It is formed over thousands of years originating from tree sap (resin) and is often used in jewellery.

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Another great part of fanø would have to be the sand dunes and all the animals that habit this environment. It ranges hugely from little rabbits to beautiful bambi. Watching the sunset whilst being surrounded by these animals really just adds to the beauty of this little island. The sand dunes are also perfect for sunbathing because in the summer the weather can be stunning and so so hot! Most times I have visited the weather has been perfect for the beach.

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listed below are just a few of the things you can do whilst over here on fanø:

  • Mini-golf
  • Blokarting
  • Kitesurfing/kiteflying
  • Tasting the local ice-cream and pancake houses (honestly you have to try them!)
  • Tasting the local beers and wines
  • Many many crazy mini golfing
  • Adventuring around the island including seal watching
  • Shopping!!

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I hope you enjoyed this little welcoming back post. Sorry its been so long but sometimes life just catches up ey?

Stay Happy 🙂

Luce x