A Little Life Update…

Right so its safe to say its been a while since I last posted…

Apologies for that! But ya know when life gets busy ya can’t do it all.

So the main reason for me being away for a bit was 1 I was studying for one heck of a whopper exam, which is now over THANK GOD. Lets just hope I passed it! And 2 just because I didn’t really feel as if I had a whole lot to write about.

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 16.01.55

So I thought I would do a lil life update in this and just let you know whats been going on recently.

1 – Unfortunately Millie our new baby bunny passed away just 10 days after having her which was unfortunate as the day I had posted a post about the new bunnies she passed. We don’t fully know the reasons as to why she died, but the Vets suggested it was either a septic infection or possibly something she was born with because she was so young. So that sucked.

2 – Ive been working on myself a lot lately and its not easy figuring out who you are but I’m on the road to it. I really want to get more into photography, i know what you’re thinking she says this all the damn time blah blah blah. But honestly I do. I love taking photos. They can capture a memory in one image and thats why I love photos. Ive recently started a scrapbook for a whole load of memories of my own. Ive made scrapbooks for other people, but I don’t think they seemed to enjoy them as much as I did. So this is for myself.

3 – I think Im starting to see where life is taking me. I know it sounds so cringe, but I really think I can see where I want to be in 5 years time from now. Thats hopefully becoming a qualified nurse working in A&E working my way up the ladder. Possibly living in Brighton as the place is so fun and vibrant and I need that in life. I also need the beach and sea near me. Lil fact if you didn’t know this about me I love the ocean basically your average English Moana (without the chicken or boar…).

4 – Im super happy with my Youtube content and the fact that Ive started doing covers on there. Although being completely honest sometimes I do think life would be very different If i hadn’t started Youtube. It does get stressful and I know what you’re thinking “What is she on about?”. But in all honesty a lot of the time I think people are judging me and I am starting to not give a damn about others opinions (within reason of course) but it does get to me sometimes. Never the less I am continuing with my youtube as for the moment.

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 15.58.51

Anyway there hasn’t been a huge amount going on but enough for a quick lil blog post. I hope you enjoyed it and are having a good day!

Love Lucy x